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Détails du film "HANDS SOLO"
Details of the movie "HANDS SOLO"
Poster of the movie : "HANDS SOLO" Summary :

A deaf man becomes a world famous porn star – all because he is very, very good with his hands. But will he ever find true love? This mockumentary captures the rise and fall of a very talented deaf man.

Hands Solo uses humour and satire to explore two serious conceits. The first is the sexualisation of a Deaf man as an everyday, normal thing - challenging normal media portrayals of the deaf and disabled; the second is to explore for comic effect how this deaf man thrives in the cut throat alpha male world of porn.

Director : William Mager
Country : Royaume-Uni
Year : 2012
Production : 104 Films
Length : 14
Type : Comedie

Session :

    the 29-Nov-2013 à 14:00 : Preview "deafness" (6) (Bruxelles (Salle Fabry - WSP))
    the 30-Nov-2013 à 17:30 : Deafness (S 11) (Namur - Maison de la Culture)

About William Mager

Director : William Mager

William started out as a web editor on the BBC Films Website, and then moved to Top of the Pops, BBC News and CBBC before becoming a freelance director for Maverick Television's VEE-TV for Channel 4. William then returned to the BBC as a director on Watchdog where his investigative films into major companies made front page news. He has written and directed several short films, which have been screened in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York and most notably in Chicago.

William has two further short films in the pipeline and his long-term ambition is to develop feature films in the genres of action, thriller, and suspense, taking inspiration from a variety of directors including Alfred Hitchcock, The Coen Brothers, Paul Greengrass and John Huston.

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