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Détails du film "Le Mur"
Details of the movie "Le Mur"
Poster of the movie : "Le Mur" Summary :

Director : Sophie Robert
Country : France
Year : 2009
Production : Dragon Bleu
Length : 52
Type : documentaire

Session :

About Sophie Robert

Director : Sophie Robert

Sophie Robert settles down in Paris in 1997 and becomes an author of fictions and documentaries for television. She will be successively a scriptwriter, script doctor and collection manager, before she decided to start directing documentaries. In 2011, she direct « Le Mur ou la psychanalyse à l’épreuve de l’autisme », first of a series about psychoanalysis. Her second documentary « Quelque chose en plus, autisme et ABA : le bonheur d’apprendre » was released in theaters on April 2, 2014. Nowadays she lives in Lille where she pursues her work as a director while developing fictions, clips and documentaries of other Invisible Ocean Productions directors.

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